first durant insists on having off-season sessions with james for it helps his game to share all secrets with the KING! then u have george last year hugging bron while getting his buttt kicked like a smitten teenage gal meeting One direction  for the first time. how has this jabro tude worked out for the typicallyentitled royce white? o yep, after a year of no-go, he finally jumped all over the kings d-league offer like a starvin somali on a big mac when just 2 years ago it was beneath him to go to houston's d-league.. reality sometimes comes back with a pim-p hand for the clueless!

how can bron not coast to his 4th straight final when George is openly and officially sayin that the only thing that can get him out of his funk is to get lebron to mentor him and work with him on his off-days. i mean even if u think that somehow, cam u imagine larry bird saying back in the day he will need to spend a few days in a skirt at magic's or jordan's house so he can maximize his talent to compete against THEM! if i'm pat riley, i'm banning bron from even talking to boy george or working on sabotage koolaid and programmming. how u think the pacies feel about this? lets go to war knowing knowing our general  openly feel sinferior to the other team's general?

any wonder this is a whiny govt and parentally entitled generation? gimme gimme gimme, what do u mean work on or from myself. the answers are in washington and in others or the vilage not the i of me.. how could it b? noone ever told them for the indoctrinating teachers encourage it by giving everyone a gold star. yep ur just as good.. my buttt! they come to work for an owner/bos like me and all of a sudden they have to deal with the first time a guy who actually judges them objectively and emphasizes the bottom line. no hugs for acute failure, u get a big boot on ur azzz. boy george is symptomatic of a much bigger societal and cultural ill..

i digress but y is our prez having a poverty initiative just for black inner city kids with all of our tax $? ok, if ur a charity or nonprofit but y is any public corp or govt agency doing this? poor initiative, yes.. obviously most will b black and latino. by emphasizing the racial pigment aspect, u essentially delegitimate and encourage further stigmaizing of the black kids ur trying to help... jeez! isnt all this obvious for those not in an ivory tower?