Glen Davis under sized, short arms, can't jump and slow. You would think he would be the last guy off the bench not the first. But Glen Davis plays with tenacity, he plays with heart and never wants the guy he is playing against to one better him. So take notice Murphy, Pavlovic and Green because that is how you need to start playing. You don't need to know the system to leave it all on the floor every night. You should feel privileged to be playing on a team heading for the play-offs. Heck, it may be your last chance to be part of a play-off team. Tonight Murphy and Pavlovic played 17 minutes combined but didn't take a shot, not one! We need more then that if we plan on getting the starters rest, we need more tenacity!

My high school coach always told me "If your not breathing hard then your not playing hard, if your not playing hard then your not playing"