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I really think we can handle Miami. We will soon see. It's the Bulls who scare me more than any other team, including the Lakers. It's their youth. When they get going, they really make our guys look old. Bad matchups for us. Now none of them are the players that Ray, KG, and Pierce, were at one time. None of them will ever be. But right now??? they are a tick quicker in all departments, especially to the ball, and that spells trouble. Add a coach that knows us.... I just wish somebody could knock them off.
Posted by MrJohnnyMost

I thought the same thing but after watching the Bulls really struggle against a below .500 Indiana team I might be rethinking Chicago a little.   Rose is great but after that they looked pretty pedestrian on offense.  If Boozer gets it going that will help but with everything running so heavily through Rose, if he has an off night, they are not going to fortunate against BOS/MIA they were against Indiana.  Deng is the guy that really needs to step up and be a consistent #2 for them, because Korver and Noah are excellent at what they do but they cannot create any offense for themselves.

The more I think about it, the more I think the winner of MIA/BOS will go to the finals.  Your talking about 3/4 all-stars vs. 1.  If the Bulls don't play significantly better they will be in for a long series with either ATL/ORL.