I copy & paste from subject in case you guys have not seen this and there is a video of it if you google the topic.

The Celtics may be down for the count as the NBA playoffs roll on, but Paul Pierce is still in it, doing things that Paul Pierce typically does during the playoffs.

Pierce's Brooklyn Nets took a dramatic Game 1 win on Saturday over the Toronto Raptors, and Pierce nailed a dagger with less than a minute left to extend his team€'s lead and quiet booing Raptors fans.

Pierce drained the jumper, and turned to the home crowd, declaring, "That's why I'm in here! That's what I do!"

The Truth speaks the truth.

I am rooting for the Nets although the worst they do the better our draft pick from them but I still love PP & KG and I believe they can beat the Heat and Indiana and our beloved Larry Bird can't.

It would be something if Doc's Clippers are in the finals vs the Nets & PP & KG  but they have a tough road ahead losing game #1 to GS and w/o Bogut in the middle. O'Neil is playing like a Rookie but didn't when he was with us when Shaq went down & we really needed him when Heat beat us in 7 games in playoffs. Maybe he was hurt?