MIND-BOGGLING kevin love stat!

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    MIND-BOGGLING kevin love stat!

    if this doesnt make u wanna get on board the love train, nothin will.. the man accounted for OVER 55 points a game last year in scoring , boards and assists.. thats the most since some unknown mortal named miguel the jordan did it in his athletic prime of 1990! think about that.. LOVE = MJ in a key area! give the man some help and a real organization and... voila!

    lastly, Love and Pierce have the same agent, jeff schwartz. u dont think pp's been yapping with lovey? also, bet ur bottom $.. if love comes, pp b following in lockstep. they may keep the green after all. how much better is out there in free agency? rudy gay may b coming.. is he that much better? yep he's close with rondo, so what? pp will b a good addition and closer with love.  

    "Bringing strong vodka to anti-Boston teams' haters and the Boston Sports soft Kool-aid Party!"


    ..and that's da Bawston SPORTS bottom line for the Commy says so! COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY CONTRARIAN, HE COMES AND GOES, HE COMES AND GOES...




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    Re: MIND-BOGGLING kevin love stat!

    We need a great 2 and a very good 5.   We have fours.