mister invisable

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    mister invisable

    i watched the spurs game did jeff green play was he invisable                                                                  please trade him

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    Re: mister invisable

    "But but but but he's James Worthy..."

    lol he's not even James Worthy's towel boy and this is coming from a die hard Celts fan and a hater of our Laker trolls. 

    Fed up the problem is that other teams are aware that Jeff Green is an inconsistent head case, so they aren't exactly offering good players for him. 

    Let me ask you - if we traded Green but got an equally crummy player in return would that make you feel better? Because it wouldn't make me feel better. 

    If on the other hand there is a team out there that has a big crush on him and will give us a nice expiring contract and draft picks, great. 

    However I think Ainge isn't ready to give up on Green yet anyhow so I expect him to tease us with his occasional flirtations with greatness for years to come

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    Re: mister invisable

    Has the skills but the drive and basketball IQ are missing.

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