Mitch Richmond

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    Re: Mitch Richmond

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    In Response to Re: Mitch Richmond :  Actually that is what i said in my post, I said comparing Pierce to Bird, would be like comparing Mitch Richmond to Jordan.
    Posted by kyceltic

    All Celtic fans agree that Pierce is not on the same level with Larry Bird.

    Just one question, who do you think is the better player, Mitch Richmond or Paul Pierce?
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    Re: Mitch Richmond

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    " The main difference is that Pierce has maintained his high level of play while Richmond went downhill his last 5 or 6 years." Wrong - though you're not too far off -  that's the second main difference. The main is that in a sport where championships define your legacy more than any other professional sport, Pierce was the centerpriece and MVP of an NBA Finals team, and outplayed Kobe Bryant, who will go down as a top ten NBA player on most lists.  Comparing a wandering minstrel like Richmond to Pierce is indeed an insult and reflects a misunderstanding of how basketball legacies are built - in the finals. Otherwise Wilt Chamberlain would be thought of as the superior player to Bill Russell, whereas most see it otherwise.  Richmond though was a very good player. Comparing Pierce to Bird is a bit of a stretch and no serious student of the game would do this. Where it happens is that some have said Pierce is a more complete offensive player than Bird, and you can make that argument, though I wouldn't. But that's not the same as saying Pierce is in Bird's class. He shared Bird's passion for the Celtics but otherwise we all know Bird is at another level. No insult to Paul to say that. 
    Posted by BostonTrollSpanker

    I am sure Pierce would not be insulted to be compared to Mitch Richmond and I am sure Pierce has more respect than to consider him a wandering minstrel.

    Richmond was considered one of the top two or three at his position for about 10 years then lost it fast.  He averaged over 21 points a game for the first 10 years of his career.  Guess how many guys have done that.  7.  That's right only SEVEN guys have averaged 21 points or more their first 10 years. His career scoring average is 21 points a game.  He was on 2 olympic teams.  He was an all star 6 times and was all NBA 5 times and was Rookie of the year.

     Pierce has had a better career.  But Richmond isn't a joke.  He got a ship in a supporting role which is more than can be said for Stockton and Barkley among many others. If people think anyone would be insulted to be compared to him than they don't know a whole lot about hoops.