Momentum and Losing Streaks

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    Momentum and Losing Streaks

    Every top team has had their turn at one or more winning streaks and  temporary losing streaks.  Miami, LA, Dallas, Lakers, Chicago, and the Celtics have all experienced it this season.  What goes up must come down.  Momentum at playoff time is most important.

    The Celtics have just ended their down streak (as of the SA game). Even if we lose tonight, we played well.  Lots of shots went in and out...most just didn't fall.  Anyway with Shaq returning we are positioned for a prolonged streak of good basketball. 

    Miami is beginning to hit their stride.

    The Spurs are going through their losing streak and need to get it together in the next couple of games to get ready for the playoffs.  

    However, Chicago and the Lakers have enjoyed their winning streaks and I believe are due to experience their down / losing streaks, just as the playoffs begin.  I'm predicting a laker loss against Utah tonight.      
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    Re: Momentum and Losing Streaks

    LAL, MIA and CHI all easy wins in ATL.
    BOS: No rebound, BBD and Rondo shooting every ball.... horrible