In response to SFBostonFan's comment:

Please keep in mind that LeBron didn't get a ring until he left Cleveland. I am not suggesting that Melo is comparable to LeBron but he is still an Allstar a few notches behind LeBron, Durant and in terms or being an offensive weapon, he can get you 20-25 pts per night.

Put him with Rondo, Sully & Oly because if Melo came to us I don't believe we could also get Love without giving up Sully who has great potential. Also, keep Johnson who can play G or F.  Keep one of the other Guards. Give up Hump, whom I do like, and Wallace, Bass & Green. Try to draft 1 or 2 PFs. For Center, if we can't draft Embiid, try to get Omer Asik or we live with Faverani if he recovers from injury. Hopefully, Oly, although too frail to be a banger, could be a Pau Gasol type Center and even KG was not a muscle type playing the C.

Again, first figure out where we get the cap room to sign Melo?  It is simple math, there is no room!