Most imortant need... a 7ft Double Digit Scorer & Rebounder

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    Re: Most imortant need... a 7ft Double Digit Scorer & Rebounder

    Don't worry,  we are going to get Asik. He is according to some here the next big thing. He is a beast and thats why he is not playing in Houston cuz it would be to easy for them to win :-)

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    Re: Most imortant need... a 7ft Double Digit Scorer & Rebounder

    In response to BiggerThanMyBrady's comment:

    Would it be nice to have a 7-footer that averages a double-double? Sure. But the perception that there are a ton of guys like that out there is nonsense. Those are guys teams build around. 

    Here are the people that are averaging a double-double in points and boards:

    Kevin Love - available and Boston might have the pieces to get a trade done/cap space to sign him. My problem with K-Love is he doesn't play defense. 

    Blake Griffin - not available. His growth has given LAC more incentive not to trade him. 

    LaMarcus Aldridge - could be available, but all signs point to him re-signing in Portland.

    Zach Randolph - could be avaiable, but Boston already has Sullinger, who I like more because he's younger, cheaper, smarter.

    David Lee - could be available. Doesn't play defense, and I'm assuming the double-double guy you guys want Boston to build around has to be a decent rim protector. 

    Tristan Thompson (12 and 9 per game) - could be available, but I don't think he fits the mold. 

    Anthony Davis - not available. 

    Tim Duncan - not available.

    Greg Monroe - Detriot doesn't want to move him, but he's definitely available. Not a true center at 6'11, but I'm a huge fan.

    Drummond - not available.

    Howard - not available.

    Cousins - Kings want to build around him so I'll go with not available.

    Noah - not available. Won't leave the Bulls anyway.

    DeAndre Jordan - not available.

    Big Al - not available. Bad defender. 

    Nikola Pekovic - not available. Really skilled offensively, but terrible defensively. 

    Derek Favors - not available. Utah just extended him.

    Varejao - too injury prone.

    Nikola Vucevic - not available. Orlando wants to build around him. But overpaying for him during free agency might work. 

    These guys are hard to find. That's why guys like DeAndre, Tyson Chandler, and Sanders are significantly overpaid. GM's recognize that you need a rim protector that can fill up stat sheets. Boston's best bet is to draft one (good luck) or overpay.

    Nice list and research. Are any of those guys 7'?  Most are PFs too. 

    Proves it's easier said than done to get a big man that can score and rebound. Could be why Danny took a chance on Fab.  Didn't work out. 

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    Re: Most imortant need... a 7ft Double Digit Scorer & Rebounder

    Last time I checked Wilt Chamberlain wasn't available. 

    Granted, Hibbert causes horrible matchup problems for the Heat. Maybe we can convince Larry Bird to trade Hibbert for Humphries. Feed Ainge on the wing one more time... :) 

    But, as Fierce pointed out, the Heat have won multiple championships without a true center. OKC knocking on the door and Perk can't even get on the floor. 

    The Indiana model is a good one - they built a great team with some lottery picks but no real top of the draft picks. 

    It's really about assembling talent and then dealing it for even better or more complimentary pieces. A center can be part of that but it's pretty clear that a Paul George type (not a point guard or a center, but a big guard or small forward) is the most important piece. I don't think that's really open to debate given the Heat, Pacers, and OKC.

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    Re: Most imortant need... a 7ft Double Digit Scorer & Rebounder

    Do NOT use the Heat as an example of why you don't need a 7-footer. They have the best player on the planet by a wide margin, who allows his head coach to throw out a positionless lineup that's somewhat similar to the showtime Lakers could do with Magic. 

    The Pacers model, as some have stated, is much more efficient. Rim-protecting center with all-stars on the wings, and a pass-first PG. Celtics already have Rondo, and Green could be a solid second wing behind someone, with Sully playing David West. The Celtics have a good foundation in place, but are that defensive-minded center away from really contending in a weak Eastern Conference. The bench mob can be build. 

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    Re: Most imortant need... a 7ft Double Digit Scorer & Rebounder

    Thanks Mr. Obvious. Is that all we need? Im sure a lot of teams could use that. Seeing as less than 10 players in the entire nba do that, and even less if you need him to be 7ft (blake griffing, zach randolph, kevin love etc) just to name a few double digit scorers and rebounders who are under 7 ft . 

    All we need is Lebron , but I guess  ill settle for durant.