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    ITS times like these when perspective is sorely needed. there are no guarantees in life. key os to be able to send out a competitive team that can legitimately win a ring hyear in and year out as a younger core continues to progress in the system. pp has 2 years left, and he was clearly injured throughout these playoffs. wouldnt shock me if he has off-season scope work done. his feet and knee were an issue since the off-season. mr. allen clearly isnt done, and will once agin be ELITE once he has those spurs removed from both feet. kg is kg, can be dominant for 30 minutes against most teams, no need to get rid of him esp with absolutely noone to improve upon him. AB will return even smarter and better along with rr who has 4 years left on his deal.

    jeff green and wilcox are almost locks to return and be even better due to deeper consciences and resolve since their heart issues. if i'm danny, i'm extending that 3 year plan by 2 more years. u give ray a 2 year deal, same with kg for about the same amount. takes 2 to tango but those are my offers. i would offer both peach and dooling 2year minimum type deal to comeback in the pav and quis roles respectively. u make it clear if everyone's healthy, neither are playing much but both are needed in the locker room and on the bench in case of emergencies (peach's lack of shooting consistency dooms him from ever making that next leap, plus he too had injury issues).

    with a healthy AB and wilcox, i say we win the series. wilcox is the kind of big guy you need going at miami. sorry, as much as i like him and his future, steamer has to go, he simply isnt a natural fit in doc's system. hollins, williams and of course wilcox are better fixtures with kg at the center or pf areas.  bass obviously can play some center as well. we could find a cheaper younger guy to play the inactive steamer role (needed just for a bynum or DH type perhaps). with bass likely coming back, no need to go after kris kardashian-humphries.

    bottom line, with rest and health, we can compete while expanding the roles of a moore and a jj. if austin rivers falls to us, things fix themselves even quicker and better on its own. let's not panic fandom, lets keep the cavalry together! there's a reson doc signed that 5 year deal!
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    In Response to Re: MR. AINGE, DO NOT TEAR DOWN THIS TEAM!:
    In Response to Re: MR. AINGE, DO NOT TEAR DOWN THIS TEAM! : There is no option on Rondo's deal, he has 3 years left thats it, don't pretend to know things you don't second, last time I checked a journeyman off of heart surgery, rookie who looked like an awkward clueless bust and recent D-league call-up in NO WAY represent big min players for a title contender They are nice if you are rebuilding and nice 10th-12th men, but that is it... and you are calling for us to NOT rebuild. But oh yeah, Bass can play CENTER... goodness
    Posted by rameakap
    SEE what happens when you just make your point and skip all the sideshow namecalling, i and i'm sure others can actually get to the essence of what you are actually saying. your opinion is just that, as is mine. you clearly think danny needs to REBUILD, i clearly that he doesnt have to and shouldn't! he eke out 2 more years at a top competitive level. like it or not, the c's are extremely relevant by any measure you ant to use incl ratings and title contending metrics. just like with belichick, doc doesnt need a superstar at every position. a sean williams has far more value to us than he will with others, could care less about the track record prior to putting on green.

    same thing with both hollins and wilcox. wilcox was playing at an almost all-star level prior to his heart issue. he was super active on both offense and wilcox, he and rondo clearly had super-chemistry. absolutely you bring that guy back along with kg. had wilcox played as he was playing prior to his issues, i think we beat miami. wicox was playing BOTH pf and center positions. he and kg increasingly played together. he's very athletic and was routinely beating other guys down the floor, something this team seriously lacks without him. he has life. again, i dont care how he came to us or what his track record was or how many teams he wore before green. he looked great in green. as for jeff green, i think like doc, with a full off-season and time to grasp his role and the system, he could be a difference maker. bottom line man, its easy to say rebuild, but there arent many chips out there. you have to ask if what you already have is BETTER THAN what you can get. i say what we have is far better as danny realized when he refused to trade our chips at the deadline.