Multi-trade to win now scenerio

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    Re: Multi-trade to win now scenerio

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    How can you build around a player who will be left open by the opposing team at the 3-point line for 48 minutes?

    It's hard to build around a player that's not fundamentally sound.

    For Rondo to become a player that you can build around, he needs to have a 3-point shot.

    If not, teams will just leave him open, daring him to shoot the outside shot, while his defender will roam, clog the driving lanes, and disrupt the low post.


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    Re: Multi-trade to win now scenerio

    In response to R9R's comment:


    In response to CablesWyndBairn's comment:

    I'd rather build through the draft and/or continue to compile assets.  Known quantity is all well and good, but how many finals have Aldridge, Al Horford, Joe Johnson, and other tier 1-B stars led their teams to? 

    If you can get the right guy, trade the picks and assets.  Unfortunately for us, there aren't too many KG-like players out there waiting to be traded.  Getting guys who put up stats but who aren't franchise-type players in return for a chance at getting a great player is an interesting debate. 


    In the last 10 years ...



    How many teams have successfully drafted the "1-A" top franchise players and won a title?

    Lets see...

    2013 - Miami = only Wade (Lebron & Bosh were acquired)

    2012 - Miami = only Wade (Lebron & Bosh were acquired)

    2011 - Dallas = only Dirk (Chandler, Jet, Kidd all acquired)

    2010 - Lakers = Kobe, Bynum (Gasol, Odom, MWP all acquired)

    2009 - Lakers = Kobe, Bynum (Gasol, Odom, MWP all acquired)

    2008 - Celtics = Pierce (Allen, KG acquired)

    2007 - Spurs = Duncan, Parker, Ginoble

    2006 - Heat = Wade (Shaq, Walker acquired)

    2005 - Spurs = Duncan, Parker, Ginoble

    2004 - Pistons = (Sheed, Billups, RIP, Wallace all acquired)

    2003 - Spurs = Duncan, Parker, Ginoble

    2002 - Lakers = Kobe (Shaq, Fox acquired)

    ... same through 2000


    So unless we are able to draft the next Duncan or Kobe ... it may be best to do what Miami, Dallas Detroi and Boston did to get championships. Add known quantities around your drafted Allstar, which is Rondo.

    I don't disagree that superstar players are difficult to find in the draft - no doubt.  But of your list, Detroit is the only team that was able to accumulate a lot of "1B" players and win it all.  The rest of the teams you cite had at least one player better than Rondo - Duncan, Dirk, Kobe, Wade (all superstars).  The fact that Boston had a Pierce was a good reason to trade assets and get a RA and a KG.  I think getting an Aldridge makes this team better, but not a legit contender.  I'd rather take a shot to get the next superstar - remote as it is - or accumulate assets if another KG-like player is ever on the trade block.   

    I do not believe Rondo rates as highly as Pierce.  He may prove me wrong if he isn't traded, but he is part of a nucleus and not a franchise player.   

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    Re: Multi-trade to win now scenerio

    I will say this about rondo.  I think he'll shoot better than you think, when he comes back.  I've always thought his shot suffered from second guessing whether he should be shooting at all on a team where there was so many great shooters.

    See if you can find the horse contest rondo had with KD and then tell me he cant shoot in the right situation.

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