I just saw that Burd Turdd, a/k/a chris andersen was waived by denver.  i have not heard any headlines other than the second headline after his non-arrest for "child porn"- that a spiteful x girlfriend framed him by shipping in some device with some crap on it--- or something like that. 

now burd turd isn't young any more, but he's got some springs and could help KG hold down the middle some- he's "low miles" for his age due to the suspension.

yeah, i know, i cringe at the thought of his rainbow blarf tatoos in green.  but when you sit out all of the action for obtaining help at the 5, what can you do but troll the dregs?

i can't understand how danny let brandan haywood float right by on waivers....

heck, i would have even welcome 7 footer nearly has been nazzy mohammed to the squad- surely he doesn't make much money.  not the youngest, but a 7 footer who's been around the block and can lend a hand.

we seem cursed at the center since parish left....  yeah, perkskins was a nice masher to have around but has proven that his best days are behind him and wasn't worth a long heavy contract for what will be a rebuilding team (us).

i just don't know.  the last time doc pushed a rook #5 along who actually saw meaningful minutes was....  ?  not even sure under the best of circumstances if this melo kid or the other guy who reminds some of glen davis will be ready to do any meaningful minutes this year.  i mean we DID SIGN KG, right- so some intent to "win now", right?  but so far no help at the 5....  puzzling