First, for several games now our backcourts are being walloped by the opposing guards namely: Jenning and Ellis( Milwaukee), Nate Robinson (Chicago), Curry (Golden State), Chris Paul (LA Clippers), Parker (San Antonio), Jeremy Lin (Houston) Isaiah Thomas ( Sacramento). Those guards being mentioned kept on attacking the basket while our guards just dribbled or threw bricks. I don't want to blame our guard/s particularly Rondo but I noticed that he is passive and sometimes timid in defense, is he injured? 

Second, since the opening of the NBA season our BIG guys are always outhussled and badly outrebounded by the opposing big men even the unknown Craig Smith of Houston feast on our big men. But the problem really started with the above mentioned, the opposing guards kept on attacking our basket because of the inability of our guards to do their defensive assignment. Our bigs have to help which open their men for a basket or offensive rebound, aside from it our big men often times forgot how to box-out their counterparts which turns to easy points or rebounds. I think rebounding is not just height but also positioning and the desire to get it.

The season is still early hopefully our Celtics can find solution to fix the problem.