My Celtic Changes

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    My Celtic Changes

    Bass SUCKS!!! So, seeing by what we did at the trade deadline, why dont the celtics copy the knicks and heat by going with a small lineup. PP is our second best rebounder, i dont think anyone would argue that. of course if sully was heathly then pierce would be #3. The knicks and heat both play players we all call "small forwards" at the power forward position. The heat start Haslem at pf but he doesnt play huge minutes. My guess is pierce would hold his own on the glass against him anyways. I know it wont happen because Doc is so stubborn about changing his starting 5 but my 5 would go something like this.







    The ONLY reason i would have pierce play the 4 is because he is slower than JG and he is a better rebounder. Our second unit would be running up and down the court with terry and crawford supplying most of the scoring. Our starting 5 wouldnt have a huge drop off in rebounding, if any, and would get a little extra scoring from Jeff. 


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