My look on the C's

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    My look on the C's

       The C's are going into this playoff w/ a different team than we all would have expected as the season started.   Here is why.
       We know KP was injured at beginnig of season, and needed someone to take his place until Jan-Feb.   (I thought Brad Miller w/ Shaq woulda been a good combo w/ outside shooting - high post in BM, and strength).   The wrench is that JON and Shaq both were hurt.   Erden played.   Most fans liked Erden's hustle.   But, the C's were offensively challenged.   What does DA/Papille do?   Blows up the team to get some offense (C's coulda dealt w/ the KP signing in the off season).   Neither the offense or the defense is on track.   Neither JON or Shaq have had injury free seasons in quite some time.   Shoulda been realized that the C's would have three injured centers for much of the yr.   If C's got BMiller, he would've helped their offense, not have missed many games and he KP and Erden woulda been our centers w/ Shaq in the wings.
         I feel DA/Papille felt the real coup in the trade was J Green.  They say: 'Let us assume C's make to the finals against Lakers.   Who is to cover L Odom?  Let's get JG'.   LO (tho I haven't seen them play against one another) probably won't mind the match-up (has DA seen the match-up?).   Odom is a good player.   Plays a good finess game.   All American etc.   He's use to competition.   You don't play him w/ finess.   You play him w/ strength.   This is why he struggled in '08 finals.   LPowe and BB bottled him up.   He couldn't handle their strength.   DA now got JG.   Be interesting to see that matchup if it comes about.  (If anybody can give stats/outcomes of there games against each other).   I'd rather bully LO.   How does JG play against the Igudalla's (?), Turkolu's, Atlanta's Smith?   I Know those boys of the Bulls are too strong for him (tho not Deng who the C's couldn't stop the last time they met).   LBJ is too strong for JG.   If you are the other team, I would play JG by figuritively beating him up.   It's not Celtic like to play so weak like JG and T Murphy.
       JG is the classic tweener.   Not strong enough for the taller players, not quick enough for the smaller.   It's not so much size.   K Durant isn't any bigger, but he plays tougher.   So does RR.   JG needs to start knocking people over, puffing his chest out,  start to play w/ a chip on his shoulder.   Otherwise he'll always be a jouneyman player.   A "what if" w/ "potential".

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    Re: My look on the C's

    You may be right about Brad Miller.  Not sure but his salary may have been a
    consideration.   I still believe that signing Rasheed when we had open roster spots may have been a solution to helping the Celtics during the playoffs.  Just not sure if he would have  had enough time to get into basketball shape.  You can never have enough big men.