My observation of the latest debacle

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    Re: My observation of the latest debacle

    I agree it was painful to watch---happy today to see Patriots hopefully get a 1st round Bye ! 

    I would never consider trading Rondo until I can see the combo of him and Bradley playing together for a few games as I feel they could be one of the best PG duos in the game. BUT, although we will improve, we will not be championship calibre as our only biggie is KG. Sullinger is improving and reminds me of Big Baby whom I miss actually but is only 6'9". All our other Fowards are average some having good nights and then bad nights. We need a 6'11"/ 7 footer like Cousins and, unfortunately, need to keep Rondo & A Bradley who can drive to to the basket and or pass to Garnett, better playing PF, while Cousins is in the post to dunk a pass & get rebounds for 2nd chances.

    Can we get Cousins by giving up 2 of the following 4, Bass, Green, Lee, Terry  & a draft pick---dunno ???