My Rebuild and FA Strategy

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    My Rebuild and FA Strategy

    FACT: Smart and Young could comprise the future of the Celtics backcourt, but need a couple years active development.  

    FACT: 6 more first rounders with 4 probable lottery picks in the next three drafts.  (Brooklyn is toast) 

    FACT: The Celtics will be in full rebuilding/development mode for the next 2.5 years.

    So I don't see the logic in spending near max on anyone.  By the time we are ready to leverage their talents, their contract will be expiring.   No Love. No Monroe. No Hayward. No Stevenson... No Rondo. 

    Get cheap talent to hold us over while building plenty of CAP space for when we are ready to compete. Get serviceable cheap players who can contribute now and in a few years.   Trade Rondo, Bass and Hump and potentially Bradley for picks and/or cheap young promising talent.   

    PG - Sign FA Livingston and/or Henrich both cheap - (while Smart develops).  

    PF -  Sign FA Jordon Hill ~$3M to replace Bass and Hump. (extend Sully and Olly)

    SG - Sign FA Sefolosha to provide some D at $2.5M/year whether or not we keep Bradley. (while Young develops)    

    C  -  Sign Bynum to minimum and cut him if necessary. No risk or downside.  Andersen and Varejo can also be had cheap. until we can fully evaluate Fav and Colton. and then acquire our Franchise C.

    Shed - Hump $12M;   Bass $6.5M;  Bogans $5M;  Bayless $3M or Bradley ~$7;  Anthoney $3M;  and Rondo $12M to MAX = ~$50+M salary reduction and big future FA war chest.  



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    Re: My Rebuild and FA Strategy

    I dont know about that plan. I honestly think Humphries at the right price is a good role player..anyone else can be swapped