My take on all this

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    My take on all this

    I don't post on here much but i do enjoy coming in here and reading what you guys are saying some of the time. I believe obviously second chance points killed us this year, which we all know is a lot to do with lack of rebounding.

    We need someone who can get us some extra shots at the rim, when you're shot is not falling as we seen at the end of the Miami series and you get very few 2nd shots you are done.

    We also have to be the worst team in the league coming down on the fast breaks, i would love to know what our percentages we're this past year when we had the numbers on the break. I would literally cringe everytime we had what you would think was an easy 2. 
    Some of these trade proposals you all are coming up with seem a little well NOT HAPPENING in my opinion. We need some high energy players via draft or trades to get us some easier shots at the rim. We seem to never get as many easy shots as you see the other teams get it from what i see. 

    If we don't get better at the 5 spot we are not going anywhere next year, and i don't mean anyone on the roster right now is good enough to start even at their best. 
    WE NEED TO GET EASIER SHOTS AT THE RIM and or more shots more often than we have in the last couple years. 
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    Re: My take on all this

    In the era of the Big 3, the Celtics are at best a mediocre rebounding team. Pat Riley said it best: "No rebounds. No ring."

    What's amazing is how well the C's have done won/loss wise with an aging, slow, poor rebounding team . . . but father time has caught up to them.

    I still believe if Doc could get out of his mind-set (fat chance) and develop his bench players, add speed, add some slashers driving to the hoop and getting to the free-throw line (Sasha, Carlos) this team could have competed longer.

    But, number one need is a fierce rebounder, who, unlike Perk, can actually catch the ball and put it in the hole around the hoop. 
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    Re: My take on all this

    Easy baskets???

    You run, beat your man down the floor. KG did it consistently his first year.

    You force turnovers and get steals.

    You attack the basket and follow for 2nd shots.

    But this is a game for young men.

    If you're old and slow, then it's the half court grind. They did force turnovers with a wonderful defensive scheme, but to do so, they abandoned the offensive glass.

    I would say they did well, until the Miami series, which I believe they should have won. Chicago would have killed them anyway, for all the reasons listed above. But Miami??? They could have beaten them. It was a half court grind, our game, and we got beat at it.

    I must have watched the final 20 seconds of game 4 a hundred times. How could a veteran team do that? Yeah, Ray screwed it up by trying to do it again, but KG followed his lead and they hung PP out to dry. Slow guys, wobbly legs, and not enough oxygen to the brain. I guess that's called age. Sorry, I'm off topic.