My thoughts.....yours?

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    My thoughts.....yours?

    I've done this a lot already....but:
      IF we have a season next year!!
    Re-sign West, Wafer and Green
    See if PHO will take #25 and Baby for Pietrus
    Use LLE (if we have one) on Craig Smith
    Use MLE (if we have one) on (assuming Chandler and Dalembert are out of our price range) on Aaron Gray or Kris Humphries.
    Use second round pick on Benson

    Gray (Humphries)/JON/Benson

    2012 we lose Wafer, Ray, KG and JON  and re-tool big time!
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    Re: My thoughts.....yours?

    interesting post--I think something similar to that should be done, but there is another alternative if you want to get the ship righted and give the team a new identity:  trade Rondo, Glen, and a #1 for a top point guard that has the threat of a outside shot and turn the team over to him: Williams or Paul  (relax this does not mean that I want to get rid of Rondo, this is just a way that could make the team better) like you said just thinking  , And the third way to go would be trade the big three for good young playes and add Rondo, Green, West, and Davis to the mix and just see how good they could become in a year or two.