Nash, Hill

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    Nash, Hill

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    This would make me smile.

    Celtics trade away            -- Quis, JON, Nate, two #1 picks and one #2 pick

                get back             -- Steve Nash, Grant Hill


    Pacers trade away            -- TJ Ford, Dahntay Jones, Lance Stephenson

                get back            -- Quis, JON, Nate, Celtics #1 pick in 2013


    Suns trade away            -- Nash, Hill

                get back            -- Ford, Jones, Celtics #1 pick in 2011 and #2 pick in 2012


    Numbers work on NBA trade machine.


    Suns get TJ Ford to run the offense this year, but with expiring contract.

    Suns shed Nash’s bigger contract.

    Suns get draft picks from Celtics, as they rebuild.


    Pacers get the return of former players Quis and JON.

    Pacers play Collison at PG, so Nate backs up Collison.

    Pacers get draft pick from Celtics.


    Celtics get Nash and Hill.

    Nash plays backup PG (that sounds crazy), finishes games when Celtics need FT shooting or clutch FG, and occasionally plays SG with Rondo as PG.  Fewer minutes for older Nash keep him fresh.

    Celtics have open roster spot to fill later.


                Rondo                        Nash                        Bradley

                Ray                        Wafer                        West (injured)

                PP                        Hill                       

                KG                        BBD                        Harangody

                Shaq                        Perkins            Semih


    Is it crazy?  Yes, it is.  But, wouldn’t that be fun!

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    Re: Nash, Hill

    Drop the bong.