We all know what's happening Wednesday, and that's the highly anticipated return of Delonte West.

Delonte will become our backup PG -- the guy we've needed all season to come off the bench and spell Rondo, run the offense and take care of the ball. And for the longest time, we assumed that Delonte's return would send Nate to the 2 (offensively), where he could focus solely on scoring the ball.

However, this may not be the case, as Nate has been getting worse as Von has been getting better. Nate hasn't been able to contribute against, really anybody. He's not making his shot, and since almost all his shots are out of the context of the offense, he disrupts the flow of our offense and often kills momentum. Von on the other hand, has been showing progress all season with his defensive dedication, and has shown in the last 2 games (LAL, MIA) that he can not get abused by the star wings, and also provide offensive spark off the bench. 

Von Wafer brings a few other dimensions to the team as well. He is actually a decent penetrator and has shown he can both get his own shot and get a shot for a teammate with his driving ability. Most intriguing, in my opinion, is his activity. He is a very solid athlete who can attack the rim both in the halfcourt and in the open floor. He has shown some defensive activeness -- a guy with quick hands who'll get some deflections and steals, and be able to take it the other way and score.

Overall, Von has 3 point shooting, athleticism and scoring punch like Nate, but has the size to guard wings, creating less matchup problems on defense. Most of all, I feel like if neither Nate nor Von are making their shots, Von is contributing more, as his superior size will allow him to compete on the boards and on defense. However, it could be said that Nate is more proven, having a more consistent NBA career.

So, what do you guys think? Who will man the 2 spot, Nate, or Wafer? Will it be Nate, Delonte, Marquis, Baby, Shaq/Perk, or Delonte, Wafer, Marquis, Baby, Shaq/Perk?