In Response to NBA Foreshadowing: Heat win?:
Foreshadowing, a technique used in fiction, both literary and film, means the writer-director reveals, in a vague, symbolic way, something that is bound to happen in the plot in the future, something inevitable.  It foreshadows (or predicts) something that is inevitable, that is bound to happen.   I believe that the NBA promo ads featuring Lebron James and Chris Bosh coddling the NBA trophy represents the NBA foreshadowing a preordained Heat victory in the finals.   It's so blatant it is truly disgusting.  Neither James nor Bosh has ever won a trophy so the promo ads are pure fiction.  I've never seen anything like it.   If the Mavs win it all it will probably be despite the NBA's will.  Yes, I may look like a fool if the Mavs win it, and so far they are cooperating by missing wide open shots and turning the ball over.  Yet the calls or non calls are definitely going against them.   I don't know how the NBA does it or how they will do it, but I believe that the NBA has preordained that the Heat will win the title.  I just think that they have gotten better at controlling the games through the refs, being more subtle about it, and hiding it better. I'm disgusted because I love NBA basketball, but every year at this time I believe that the fix is in.   I'm not a conspiracy nut, yet I see what I see.  NBA promo ads with Heat players, who have never won a thing, coddling the NBA trophy.
Posted by RajonRondowski

Well our forshadowed conspiracy nut is right on the money again.

Wear your clown constume proudly for a 2nd year in a row, ski.