i love how the nba goes out of its way to get things RIGHT. EVEN REVIEWING 3s DURING THE course of the game to make sure things are accurate. my one complaint is with flopping. they should be able to review those at well and give out warnings or foul shots to the other team or even access a technical if very overt upon review. kick out a lebron in the second quarter because of it and the soccer style nonsense will stop. plus just as they do with punches, they should review flopping at the league office after each game as well.. back to what i like.. in laker game, i loved how the officials went back and checked to see if the ball went off bynum's hand after they had called it against denver in the last 10 secs of the game. they got it right. 

to me, all of it should be checked in that situation once u get to the last 5 minutes. also liked them checking pp's late 3-ball after they had called it good. dont care how long ot takes, get it right. although with pp, should be a 30 sec rule. if u must keep looking at it, u go with the call on the floor so u dont spend 30 minutes. i get that. bynum's was obvious, thats the only ones u overturn. I DONT LIKE ALL THE CHALLENGES NONSENSE. PERHAPS U COULD give each coach 3 for before the last 5 minutes. if he gets it right, he gets another as in tennis. once in last 5 minutes, everything gets re-checked if close.

 i dont want perfection (flow of game counts too) just an extra view here and there and i dont want a massive expansion of what can be checked. no checks on traveling or charging or other judgment calls. again, flopping could be checked and challeneged!