I know the NBA says they would like to have parity in the league for obvious reasons.  I have a simply idea.  Clean up the officiating.  Quit giving the superstars and major markets so many calls.

I have watched a lot of games this year and especially in the playoffs.  Usually the teams appear pretty evenly matched and the teams that are allowed to play the way they want usually win the games.  

Eliminate the much of the contact so that players know if they hit someone it is a foul- for everyone.  When a player drags his pivot foot it is a walk - for everyone,  when a player travels -it is a travel for everyone.  Just call the same for all the players and teams.  If this were to happen we would still have superstars but I think the games would even out a lot. Miami is a perfect example.  They were the better team than Chicago but they got the benefit of every call IMO.  If this didn't happen this series could have been a lot closer.  

I would just like to see officiating on a even plane across the league.  It would slow the game down a little at the first but everyone would adjust.