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Need more Youth

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    Need more Youth

    Its obvious we need younger legs....we'll have the starting five next year (center will be open for debate--Howard?) but we need some fresh young starving for a championship bench players...we need someone to give KG a solid rest!  We need athleticism....really important now!
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    Re: Need more Youth

    What is our FA situation?  How many of t he 15 spots are available without a trade?
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    Re: Need more Youth

    Green has to start for Boston. That would be a good step for the team. From where I look it's almost as if Boston is starting again now.

    Rondo, Green, Pierce, Garnett and Allen would be the only players I can see being kept. With a role for Allen off the bench. Not sure where the youth will come from except in the draft and free agency, but I don't know what kind of salary cap room there is. Probably not a lot it.

    Build a team around Rondo and Green, move Green to his true position at SF. And get guys who can run. Surround Rondo with some pace and up the tempo.

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    Re: Need more Youth

    In Response to Re: Need more Youth:
    In Response to Re: Need more Youth : Celtics are over the cap and will most likely not do anything to improve the team for next season. Danny Ainge has his sights set on the free-agents of 2012.
    Posted by Fiercest34

    Ainge shouldn't keep the same team though. Way it stands is Boston will make the finals again in 11/12 but what would they do when they get there? 2nd round at best I'd imagine. That's with this current team. And even that would be an accomplishment now.

    Not meaning to insult but I think the maximum has been achieved from this current team the way it's set up. A championship was won which I believe was the goal of bringing Allen and KG to Boston. But it's time to move on and change the supporting cast.

    Green is the key. He progresses as a player next season then I see some good things. He must start at SF. Pierce to SG. I still think that Green was a great pick up for Boston.

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    Re: Need more Youth

    RUWorthy, I think you're right.  I think you mean Boston will make the playoffs again in 11/12, not the finals.  The maximum expectation of our Big 3 plus Rondo is a playoff spot.  I am not sure winning the Atlantic is a "given" for next season.  Honestly, New York is going to challenge us next season for the division especially if they get Wilson Chandler to return.

    After two seasons of running out of gas, why would next season provide a different result?  I doubt the Celtics will be able to bring in any solid supporting role players who will give the old guys a break.  I cannot see Ray, PP and KG in the starting lineup next season.  One of them will have to be a backup.  Having all of them as starters is the blueprint for running out of gas at season's end.

    There's not much out there so I think the Celtics should keep Green, Krstic and Troy Murphy and get them into training camp and see what they can do.  There are no better 3rd centers or PF's out there to bring in to replace them.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    I agree with with you Petey, New York really do have the ability to take the Atlantic next season. Providing they stay healthy.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    In Response to Re: Need more Youth:
    In Response to Re: Need more Youth : The 2011-12 season is a lost cause. What I'm excited about is what the Celts do when the 2012 free-agency starts.  Who knows, maybe the Celts will get lucky and land Austin Rivers in the draft. Doc coaching his own son in the NBA, imagine that. 
    Posted by Fiercest34

    That would be pretty unique if that happened with Doc Rivers. Would be hard as well though.

    I still think the Celtics will be an enjoyable team for their fans to watch. They just will be an extremely nasty team to play on given nights. Instead of being a genuine title contender.

    Let's face it, Boston will not be an easy place to get a win. And I can still see those old guys lifting for big games during the regular season. At least they should as they all have a lot of heart and pride.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    If the Big 3 stay intact and Doc remains as coach... I gotta feeling our season will not be good.. We can bring in youth but one thing seems clear... Doc will still ride the Big 3 like rented mules..

    Dont think so? The last 2 years he virtually swore one of his top priorities was to reduce their minutes... fail!

    He historically doesnt play younger players and/or limits their minutes.. Heck, Green should have played more... I understand he had some defensive limitations but whats the point of getting him to spot PP some rest... then play him at the 4 so often??

    Same with Kristic.. whats the purpose of the trade if we dont use the guys? Kristic played well in our last game but only by injury default of JON.. otherwise we'd never see him..  Doc keeps these guys on a short leash and therefore stacks up the minutes on the older guys. Kristic maybe gets in 3 mins one game...does something wrong.. out you go .. heck, he even hit that nice side jumper last night... then hes pulled out.

    We had a limp Rondo playing... he wasnt effective at all.. yet up to the 4th quarter he had like 27 mins and West had 7...  I still cant understand it// West has been playing very well and can play defense on Wade.. maybe the only Celtic able to slow Wade down..

    DOc seems too set in his ways with the starters... he swears to cut their minutes each season cause thats so important but he just wont do it. 

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    Re: Need more Youth

    Shows a lack of faith in the bench. Especially Green. Green should have been getting 25 minutes or more a game.

    Didn't K.C. Jones play the bench a lot in '87 as well? Doc Rivers isn't Robinson Crusoe when it came to overplaying starters. But guys at the age of Bostons 'big three' really do need to be rested during games.

    I still think Bostons best bench was in 2008, they always seemed to make big plays. Especially against us in the finals that season. Losing Powe to injury in 2009 didn't help Bostons cause at all IMO.

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    Re: Need more Youth

    You can't control injuries.  Its because of injuries that our rotation was affected.  If Delonte was healthy and not suspended Ray would have got more rest.  If Perk and Shaq werent injured then Baby could have played more 4 and given KG more rest.  Yes youth is important but basketball is not track and field, you can have a trampoline but if your opponent blocks you out then you will foul him over the back on a rebound.  Last night in game 5 I saw 35 year old ray allen blow by d-wade and dunk on him, that was more skill than youth and speed, in fact it may have been wades athleticisim and eagerness to jump that probably froze him when ray blinked.  We lost this series because of missed shots, and execution period.    Sometimes shots just dont fall. 
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    Re: Need more Youth

    I think Green should be kept....for the bench. He definitely came through in some clutch plays in the but he also literally threw the ball away or missed passes many times when he was in. A case of not enough time to play during the regular season and doing what he was forced to in the semiFinals, could this be remedied within next season? Yes but why plan based on a possible? Isn't that what Ainge did with Shaq this year>? FAIL! Gotta bring in seasoned, lean younger big guys who are hungry. Of course Howard would be great and Lakers wont have money for him until they let go of Kobe...which they won't be doing anytime soon. Green isn't ready to start yet for many reasons, but he is great as 6th man and should have played that role instead of Davis. Too little too late on Doc's part but i honestly think he did what he could to get them this far....too many other changes and Celtics wouldn't have even gotten past the Knicks. Too trade happy and Perk was a factor for many reasons game wise but psychologically for the rest of the team that was a huge surprise and let down. The theme of this season was trust and there wasnt much going on from the players to each other (besides big 3,rondo,and at times JO) or from D"oc to the players...THATS why he played them as long as he did....there was literally no one that could come in and do half of what the starters could.Last year the bench of supporting cast did their thing. Allen is still good,Pierce has already been committed to be a Celtic for the duration of his career, and i think KG should definitely be kept with some relief to back him up. he is getting older and playing these long games back to back is wearing on him. I believe Rondo is necessary..everyone else can go to the wayside. Green would be great to keep as he fits in well and has alot to add, but as i said 6th man in. Excited about the changes coming and I hope the Celtics can get a team chemistry going that seemed lacking this season.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    Doc's back, which cuts both ways. On the one hand, he's the only one who can coach these old guys... and they'll all be back. You don't walk away from that kind of dough and it is a business, after all is said and done.

    But, there will be no "New Day." Nothing can be done to speed up the team when it's core is so old. Rondo and Green are race horses hitched to mule team.  Like wearing one high heel and one flat, it's a compromise and it won't work. Too good to blow up, but not good enough to win it all.

    Heart and pride took them much further than could be reasonably expected the past 2 years, but I'm afraid it's over.

    Rondo gets all the blame, but wouldn't you just love to see him on a team that could run? Half court grinds just expose his weakness and Green's also. Lack of solid rebounding means you can't run. So, expect more of the same... 85 pt. games and 50 wins.

    That's great, if you're from Cleveland. But I grew up in the 60's and was spoiled rotten very early by Russ, Red and Hondo. The Celtics meant excellence and I do thank Danny Ainge for bringing it all back. But now I want more and it won't be coming.

    Danny has proven himself to be brave, but he's dealt himself a tough hand.  

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    Re: Need more Youth

    DeAndre Jordan is a restricted free agent ... 44 million/6 year deal is likely what it would take to get him.  Guy reminds me of Perkins ... only more athletic and a better scorer. Also has a 7'6" wingspan.  If you all remember, he torced us at the Garden with about 15 dunks.  

    To me, he's an ideal fit to man the starting center spot...assuming he's available and the Clips don't lock him down.  
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    Re: Need more Youth

    Good post nailed it....and, of course, the usual great input from our gal Worthy!!  ......I too grew up watching the Celtics dominate the I have to admit to have been spoiled as well......maybe it's just old age mellowing me....but I am happy seeing playoff calibre basketball from this team....I thank Danny as well....just wish Doc showed a little more faith in the kids...Red sure developed his young for Howard? chance he comes to Boston...he wants a max contract and he love life in LA (great weather, hollywood stars courtside)....Boston can't offer that (man, it's cold during the season if you are playing on the East coast).....anyway....peace my friends....enjoy your summer!

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    Re: Need more Youth

    Green was a disaster.  I get the feeling he was never accepted by the team and he played like it. Dropping passes out of bounds, losing the ball with no defense, he played scared. However he does have potential and we gave up alot to get him so he has to stay. Maybe we can turn that draft pick we got in the Perkins trade into something too. I think we need some proven scoring coming off of our bench. A three point shooter, someone to spread the court. I would keep Delonte West and hope he stays healthy. Big Baby might get a decent offer which may make him difficult to keep.  Not sure of the exact free agent class so we'll have to see. If you put some decent, experienced, clutch players around the big 3 and Rondo we could get back to the finals.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    I think an option we may see the Celtics impose is the "sign-and-trade".  I believe Baby will get an offer that the Celtics won't match.  Therefore, I believe we should look to sign and trade him so we can be assured to get something back or a nice "trade exception" to be used at a later time.

    We just cannot let him sign on the open market without getting anything in return.  Since we can offer him the most money, why not do the sign-and-trade and we would get someone at least equal to his abilities in return.

    We can possibly do the same thing for Krstic and/or Murphy.  If we don't have them in our plans, we should look to get someone in return who we can forsee in our plans via the sign-and-trade route.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    I personally do not want to see the Celtics make any sort of reactionary moves that could screw up our cap situation going forward.  Word is that David Stern is pushing really hard for a hard cap under the new CBA this summer.  This will keep teams that previously had an advatage in attracting free agents like L.A., NY, Miami etc... from being able to go over the cap via trades, sign and trades, mid level exceptions etc...  That move was in response to players trying to form super teams, meaning that teams currently over the cap under this system will ultimately have to dump players in order to get under the cap.

    After the '12 season, KG, Ray Allen, Shaq, and Jermaine O'neal's salaries all come off the books with Pierce's coming of the year after that.

    I would like us to make a play for Dwight Howard, but assuming he signs elsewhere I'd target Al Jefferson to play center (more realistic option in my opinion), and maybe Gerald Wallace at SF.  I think that we should move green for a 1st rounder (preferably to a team in the 8-14 pick range.
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    Re: Need more Youth

    It takes stars to attract stars when it's as cold as boston. Howard is already used to nice weather. Gonna be a tricky rebuild, that's for sure. Drafting Giddens over deandre jordan made all the difference these past two years.
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