Needs Going Into The Draft

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    Needs Going Into The Draft

    (the below is based on the assumption that the C's will not be making any trades this evening, which of course is highly unlikely)

    PG-  Larkin?  Schroeder?  DA: If you did ever spend half a second reading the dribble here on these threads, please don't select a PG tonight.  Rondo's gonna to absord the 90% of the minutes next season.  Roll the dice on someone who can step in and help out immediately.

    C-  Lots of options here.  Plumlee, Olynyk, the Brazilian Guy, Adams, Withey, Deng.  Last year we got Melo, he's going to provide the same production as most of these guys minus Plumlee and Olynyk- two guys who I think are not physical enough.  Leave these two push-overs alone.


    SG-  Here.  Even though we have on the roster right now, we need shooting, and we need more scoring.  Lee didn't get the job done.  Crawford's a bench guy.  Terry's past his prime.  I won't complain at all if DA rolls the dice on Crabbe, Rice Jr, Ledo.  But if the C's are lucky, who know maybe KCP will fall to 16?


    SF- If Shabazz falls take him.  Tons of upside.  Start Jeff Green and bring Shabazz off the bench. 


    PF-  I love Tony Mitchell.  He may be a little bit under-sized here, but I think he could thrive in a C's uniform.  He can get out and run with Rondo, play above the rim.  Plus he's supposed to be a solid shot-blocker.  Long wingspan, rebounds, can play the 3 and the 4.  He's talented, but more importantly, I think he would fit the most needs PLUS bring some excitement during a rebuidling year.


    So pass on the PG.  He'd rot on the bench anyway.  Pass on the Centers, too.  They'd just join Melo on the list of raw projects.  Cross your fingers and hope for someone like KCP or maybe Shabazz to fall.  Otherwise, check out the youtube prospect video for Mitchell.  Imagine what he can do defensively, and what he'd do in the open court with Rondo.

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    Re: Needs Going Into The Draft

    I absolutely agree about the PGs, and I love Mitchell and think he could be the steal of the draft.  

    As far as need goes, I do think it is at the Center position however.  I am not high on Melo at all, and really question if he will ever contribute at the NBA level. Whereas I think Dieng, or Plumlee could step in and contribute right away.  Both have the potential to be starters for this team within the next few years.  Olnyk I would take a big pass on.

    Shooting guard I also think is a big need, even though we have 4 on the roster.  But if you have 4 piles of garbage it's still just garbage.  And that is what we have at the 2 right now, I wish all of them would be outta here by training camp.