Another atrocious first quarter: out of sink, no penetration, no rebounds, brick, brick, brick, brick, brick. 5 for 20 in the first 12 minutes! Once again they turn it on in the 3rd quarter, give the fans a glimpse of 2008, then succumb to the other team's star player down the stretch.

Report Card:

Garnett: C+ || after starting the game like a walking corpse, he hit a few shots in the 3rd and played decent defense. Zero dunks. Zero blocks. 7 boards in 33 minutes.

Allen: B+ || once again Allen is the only member of the big 3 who the fans can still recognize from previous seasons!  He didn't "light it up" but his shooting percentage was still satisfying.

Rondo: B+ || Kept the Celtics in the game throughout.  Hit a couple jumpers, did fine from the line, and still managed 11 assists despite the celtic's shooting woes. Oh, and he grabbed as many boards as KG.

Bass: B || Missed too many shots in the first but regrouped after and started to hit.  Nice reverse jam in the second half, defensive rotation getting better. Nearly a double double.

Pierce: D || If I'm not mistaken Pierce was SWATTED five times and twice on jump shots.  Had a chance to give the Celtics their only lead in the fourth and threw up his upteenth consecutive brick.  How many times during the game did you wish Deng and Pierce could switch jerseys? 3-12 shooting and 1 rebound. The Celtics looked better with him riding the bench.  Bafflingly poor performance.


O'Neal had a nice dunk, took a charge, blocked a shot, good shot selection. Only 3 boards though: C+

Wilcox: Made me eat my own words: Gave them perhaps the best 5 minutes off the bench they've had all year! A rare transition dunk and two for two from the field. Only one board: B+

Pietrus: Good defensive, and hit two clutch three pointers during their second half run.  B+

Absolutely astounding how similar the games between the Pacers, Mavericks, Heat and Bulls have been.  Switch the colors of their adversarys' jersey and the games are totally interchangable. 

After ten games the question is not their ability to match any opponent (in any aspect of the game, dare I say rebounds included?). The question is can they do it for more than one quarter per game.

Go Green!