jus saying...

since so many people here love a pg who can score..

Some people act like they are watching the games with a gun to their head.  I hope all these negative people here arent here to gloat if we have success in the playoffs, esp. If Rondo plays well.  Matter of fact...I know all the culprits and will call them out accordingly when the time comes.

Anyone who thinks thats strong words for a guy who just started posting.  Let me say, I have beem here for years,,,just was told by BDC to change my handle...I used to go by "STILL-BALLIN" (dont know why I had to change that)   and frequent here from time to time until the racism gets to be too much on here...but these days I cant tell the difference between trolls and fans...Just a bunch of guys shouting from the peanut gallery!

No need for a response.  Just a statement.