Probably not real popular but I would like to try this lineup to start. Not saying it has to get a lot of minutes.

KG Wilcox Pierce Rondo Terry - If we are going to play slow ball may as well go with this.

Wilcox will work, not the most talented but I think he will at least try to play defense. This gets our team bigger first off.  I know Doc likes his small ball though.  I don't have a problem with his small ball if there were more agressive on defense, more doubleteaming, etc.  Getting out on the break.

I wouldn't have ever thought it but we may be slower this year than last.  We never run.  Even when we get to's he usually don't push it. If we turn it over it is generally a layup.  Tommy H said it last night to Scal,  tell them to push it, and anyone that doesn't beat the ball up court comes out of the game. 

With the lack of urgency I see,  Doc needs to shock someone.  I think he may have shocked PP a little last night, taking him out after about 4-5 minutes with KG,, and he didn't get back in.