"In an effort to bring maturity and grace (back) to the NBA, the Celtics players have foresworn wearing those ridiculous headbands."  Not true, but they should realize how ludicrous they look - like old babies who have no hair.  Let's try this on - headband, check; wristbands, check; elbow pads, check; Steve Erkle-type protective glasses, check, oversized knee pads, check; long, pulled-up tube socks, check; ABA in the '70s, check.  Stop, stop, stop..... While I'm at it - they should just give it up and go with the cullottes. Nah, the league should require an above-the-knee rule for shorts - that's what they're called, not "longs"! They don't have to go back to the embarrassing short-shorts, just those slightly above the knee.  I'm getting tired of watching NBA players looking like the "girls" basketball team at my high school in the mid-'60s.  Please accept this for what it's worth - nothing, but one man's opinion.