Next out the door----Rondo

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    Re: Next out the door----Rondo

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    In Response to Re: Next out the door----Rondo : I will respond to your post without even reading beyond the first paragraph..... Nash was a back to back MVP..........  Rondo will never get another sniff at even an all star game let alone being considered an MVP candidate....... Stop trying to assign so much nonsense to Rondo's steals, rebounds, and defense..... he barely leads the league in steals, he doesn't league the league in rebounds for point guards..... and he barely leads the league in assists...  drum roll please.... he is the worst shooting point guard in the league of anyone that would that would be considered good,.... he is the worst shooting free throw player, period, period. he is the worst finisher in the league, so much so that he doesn't even try..... they are the 20th scoring offense in the league, he averages more assists than points... people like you would say well he averages 30 assists so of course he averages fewer points.... in reality where most of us live, he averages less than one more assist than the next guy and scores less than half the points of the best point guards.... last week player of the week in the west...... Westbrook....  Rondo averaged about 8 points and 8 assists..... please stop the nonsense....... Great players make other players better... everyone of Rondo's starting 4 was going to the hall of fame before Rondo came into the league.... the best point guards in the leauge will be responsible for getting their teammates into the hall of fame.....  Chris Paul makes NO relevant, D Will makes Utah relevant, Westbrook makes OKC relevant, Rondo is dragged along by the BIG 3.... stop hitting snooze,, time to wake up
    Posted by TheDUDDER

    I'll respond to your post without going beyond the first paragraph as well.  Rondo is a champion, Nash will never win a championship and Rondo will of course be a perennial all star.  Now only the truly uneducated fan would push the nonsense that defensive stats don't matter. In fact it is one of the most important metrics in the league.   

    Now rondo is one of the best passing point guards in the league as well. Period. One of the best defensive point guards in the league period and one of the best floor generals in the league period. The Celtics lead the league in offensive efficiency, And the smart fan realizes some teams run a slower deliberate offensive because it helps get a good shot and helps insure the defense is set. 

    In additon tothis, Rondo is shooting over 50% and has a better player efficency rating than Ray Allen, and of course, as is obvious to all is a top five point guard in the league. And to say he is the “worst free throw shooting player period” is the kind of nonsense that only comes out of someone who posts fantasy league polls to make his case.  

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    Re: Next out the door----Rondo

    Go back to his days at Kentucky where he sulked and drove his coaches crazy. With a little more effort (and a better attitude) he could have been a lottery pick instead of the 21st pick (by Phoenix).  Yes, the guy has a bundle of athletic talent, but does he have the work ethic (and hunger) to improve areas of his game which need addressing? From what I've seen over the years and this year in particular, the answer is sadly NO!
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    Re: Next out the door----Rondo

    I dont  mind entertaining the thought of trading Rondo if thats what someone may feel is going to happen.  I wont entertain people saying that we will replace him with Arroyo and West(pud).  You can only bring another player of star caliber here to do that.  That being said, you can get a top guard that can score and likes to score but doesnt mean he'll fit in and make the team better until he does it.  He has weaknesses, but i dont care how many jumpers he shoots he is never gonna be a great shooter.  It Happens. You cant do it all.  Lets replace that gift with the fact he rebounds with the bigs and get a lot of extra possesions for his team.  You or even I for that matter may not like that he pulls up on fast breaks to give points to teamates(the dud) but I bet his teamates dont mind.
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    Re: Next out the door----Rondo

    Bare minimum... you would expect a PG to be able to shoot his position. Rondo doesn't.

    No... his teammates don't mind that he gives them a chance to score a bucket when he passes on a layup.

    What they mind are the double teams because Rondo doesn't shoot his position. That must get very old very quickly.

    DWest and Arroyo are adequate PGs. Nothing fancy. Adequate. Ham sandwich PGs. Stable. Consistent. Predictable. They know how to set the  table. They can spread the floor.

    With the Big Three winding down, Rondo should be able to be turned into some very juicy draft choices in pursuit of needed bigs.

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    Re: Next out the door----Rondo

    In Response to Re: Next out the door----Rondo:
    In Response to Re: Next out the door----Rondo : this is the most delicious bit of rondo-apologetics ever.  and it's been offered up by a LOT of people now as rondo's effort and interest seem to fade.  BORED of making 10M a year.  BORED of a game that he has not conquered the fundamentals of?!  how can that be?!  if he's bored, why doesn't he take 500 jumpers a day and that's the fewest he should be taking!  maybe if he did this work he'd make some.  bored.... of the sport?  maybe he needs to turn down his contract and go conquer the world of table tennis? honestly, this is just nonsense.  if this guy REALLY is bored we are looking at a full blown head case.  his FT shooting has never been worse and he's bored. I guess we're in for 48% next year and 44% from the line the year after that as he ratchets up his boredom.
    Posted by aciemvp

    Acie, I don't mean to make excuses for the guy but that's what I see. Last year he had a chip on his shoulder and wanted to prove himself as All-Star worthy. Now that he has accomplished it, he seems disinterested or less intense at times. Maybe there is something wrong in his personal life, as Bob Ryan suggests. It doesn't help that he's injured; when you're hurting it can wear you out.
    It's too late for him to be taking 500 jumpers a day. He needs to be resting now.
    If I were Doc, I'd cut Rondo's minutes by a third and let Arroyo play and improve.