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Nice Work Danny

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    Re: Nice Work Danny

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    In Response to Re: Nice Work Danny : The window didn't close until we were cruising along with probably the best team in the league last year and DA trades Perkins, and Shaq goes down.  That is when the window closed because until that point I believe we were the best team in basketball.
    Posted by OneOnOne

    true. the addition of shaq and departure of perkins spoiled the stew...
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    Re: Nice Work Danny

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    In Response to Re: Nice Work Danny : Exactly, Kupchak knows when to cut loose someone in a key position for the better of the team(i.e. Sessions upgrade).  Now Danny boy, he likes to hang on until they are carted out on stretcher or he does his part by throwing up a towel underneath the basket trying to make players miss shots.  Perfect example is JON when DA signed him knowing full well that he played like crap in the play off series the year before against the C's.  Not to forget the fact that DA knew JON had busted up knees among other problems and still signed him to the C's mid level exeption!  Then DA signed a broken down old fat Shaq knowing full well he won't hold up through a full season of ball.  M Daniels had serious problems with his neck last year and had to have surgery, yet DA signed him again this year to vet's minimum!   Now there is all this talk about Green and now Wilcox that DA is going to resign them after they have some type of heart surgery.  Seriously, why would DA trade Perkins away when the C's were firing on all cylinders with nearly the best record in the league! DA traded away Perkins and the C's slid so fast it nearly made your Celtics fans eye spin.   I hear all this talk about money, but think of all the lost money in the above moves.  Hope DA hired a draft consultant because he can not afford to mess this draft up!
    Posted by kobedaman

    KDM, Maybe we can use the same one the Lakers paln on using this year? Your team is ganna take on water too in the end. Get ready!

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    Re: Nice Work Danny

    Ray started the season like a house afire , then went south.I don`t know the explanation.One factor may be the lack of guys who set a decent pick.He doesn`t seem to have his legs under him.Maybe he`ll get hot, but ,of the big 3, he seems to be the least capable of adapting his game to diminishing skills.
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    Re: Nice Work Danny

    Yea I would say nice work.. A Championship is nice work. Only injuries provented more than one. Appreciate what he did, he will look to do more of the same next year. There was no trade to make the team better this year.

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    Re: Nice Work Danny

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    In Response to Re: Nice Work Danny : KDM, Maybe we can use the same one the Lakers paln on using this year? Your team is ganna take on water too in the end. Get ready!
    Posted by RallyC

    Absolutely, Lakers will have a tough hoe going down the stretch.  If they don't correct their current problem of blowing leads down the home stretch of games then they will not go very far.  If Brown doesn't get his act together and put a plan together for a rotation then it could end ugly.  Lot's of moving parts on Lakers right now including new coach, a lot of new players and less involvement by the Dr. to name a few.  Everybody has to take a deep breath and realize that this is the NBA and anything can and will happen.
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    Re: Nice Work Danny

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    The more this season plays out, the more I believe the era of the Big 3 is coming to an end.  I think there is something to Jackie MacMullan's report suggesting Ray will be gone after this season.  That might be the first shoe to drop.  KG would be the other. I really don't think Ray and KG are happy in their roles with the Celtics.  They have a moody PG who should be so much better in his abilities and more consistent in his play and I'm sure it takes a toll on them as consummate professionals.  They are not getting management's support by acquiring the necessary pieces around them to be a much better team.  And I'm sure they cannot be too happy with the minutes they're forced to play when every year there is this push to reduce their minutes. They have a coach that they respect and will go to war for who promises better management of their minutes but just doesn't follow through to allow these guys to get the necessary rest to maximize their abilities.  Although he'd never admit it, I would bet that KG is not happy having to play the post, all while there is no real urgency to bring in some bigs.  KG is best when there is a banger in the post, a center who plays good defense and can rebound some.  KG isn't at his best playing the center position. I think both Ray and KG are probably tired of all of the annual drama.  Also they probably don't see the personnel that will bring another championship there and may be looking to move on to a contender next season.  They know they aren't the Ray and KG of 2008 and aren't surrounded by any Poseys or Houses or Cassells or Browns or Perks capable of contributing to win a ring. I think they realize that window has closed.
    Posted by Petey62


     I live in SF so maybe I’m “California Dreaming”  with the following!!!

    I honestly believe our BIG 3, old as they are, are as good as any other 3 on another team in the shooting category from 15 ft out. I mean Allen is the 3pt leader and Pierce won the 3pt contest a couple of years ago and KG is deadly from 10-15 ft out. The problem is that they are pressured to make the shot, shoot at least 50% as we can’t rebound. Other teams can beat us, I.e. Lakers shot 32% and we shot 40% in game 7 but with the advantage in rebounds, they had extra shots.(Forget the egregious difference in fouls 41-18 or we might have overcome the rebound difference even). The reasons the Lakers are better than us this year is that other than Kobe, their perimeter shooters are mediocre but Bynum & Gasol either put the rebound in or toss it out and, although not PP, Ray or KG, their shooters with extra shots…you know "even a blind chipmunk can find an acorn occasionally”.  I know this is possibly fairy tale stuff but I believe, with Rondo or not next year, that if we had D. Howard and still the BIG 3 and Bass, Pietrus, Wilcox, A. Bradley, Stiemsma and another 7 footer, we will be contenders. I think even if we only get Kaman & can draft a young aggressive banger 7 footer, we’ll be tough as won’t it be nice to give our BIG 3 an extra shot or two ???