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No big man

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    Re: No big man

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

    Melo is a very big man.

    Danny Ainge is way over his head. This once proud franchise will never get back on track until we get a Pat Riley type in the front office. why they keep DA around stupifies me. and Doc should get the boot as well.

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    Re: No big man

    We have the best GM in the league.  He has many problems to think about and has done a great job during his time with the Celts.  He has recently found two very good players that can help us if Doc uses them.  Perking for Green will turn out to be the trade that keeps us going during the post big three time, which we have already entered.  Ainge is a great Celtic that was traded and knows the feeling, he will pull the trigger if he can, but most on this board know but a few of the facts that he deals with daily.  If KG had gone along with the recent trade , we would be 80% rebuilt now for the future, as it is, Ainge has accumulated some good trading chips and is looking at the present and future at the same time.  THANKS DANNY AINGE FROM OLD COACH , A CELITC FAN AT AGE 70 FOR 55 YEARS, THROUGH THE GOOD AND BAD TIMES.  THANK GOODNESS FOR DANNY AINGE    I have seen the posters come and go on this site for a long time.