I have no problem with that.....Rondo & KG made all defensive squad.....my question....how did Kobe beat out Wade for first team...?

Wade averaged 25.5 PPG on .500 shooting
Kobe averaged 25.3 PPG on .451 shooting.....Wade was much more efficient

Assists were close....Kobe 4.7 to Wade's 4.6

Kobe slightly better in 3's .323 to .306 and FT% .828 to .758

Defensively Wade was better with 1.5 steals to 1.2 and blocks with 1.1 to 0.1

Wade the better rebounder at 6.4 to 5.1

Wade led his to to the Eastern Finals.....Kobe's team got swept and his shooting percentage was not good

I guess the voting was done prior to the play-offs.....but here is another case of media bias towards Kobe....this should've been the year Wade passed him...guess the voters wanted to help keep the streak going.....

more of the "Jordan Rules" in evidence here....