Will you face it now?   Big game.   Other teams know that against the C's if you can make it to 90pts, then you'll win the game.   If it's not an overtime game.   Only Boston3 can score (BB is the only off the bench who can, but still only 14pts or less) and if one of them are off, then the C's in trouble.   Your GM Ainge/Papille built it this way.   Who are his pick-ups?   Giddens who had no offense (and now proved, no game).   ABradley picked for defense (? offense if any).   MDaniels-no offense.   JON-no offense for a number of years.   And, before the trading/free agent deadline, Ainge makes the C's older and slower and LESS talented w/ Lafrenz (I mean Troy Murphy) and Pavlovic.   No firepower off the bench to help the starters.   No inside scoring (LPowe), no off the bench player who can go the line (Powe).   No player who scares other teams of the 3pt shot.   No bench w/ chemistry and who complements the starters.   The starters are good for 60 points.   The  bench can hardly score at all!   DWest?   He can play, but he's not gonna play w/ the starters because he's not gonna be put in at pg or sg in crunch time.   Neither will Green (cause he's too soft to play pf).   So, how does the 2nd team score?   They don't consistently.   They just use up minutes untill the first team goes back into the game.
   I many of you are DA/Papille appologists, but you have to agree the championship bench was much more complimentary.   BB, LP, Posey, House and whoever else @ pg or center.   They could score inside and hit the 3.   Went to the line more than this current team (I know that EH and JP didn't go to the line often).   We shoulda told DA/Papille to go home and leave the team alone.
   My bench if I was the GM?   (All these players have been available over past couple years, not too expensive or exemption elligible).   Brad Miller-c, LPowe/BB -f, DW, Earl Boykins-pg.   I wouldn't have gotter rid of JP.   Jordan Crawford I woulda drafter last yr (oops, do they play tonight?).   3 more players for a roster:  Shaq.   I woulda drafted Mario Chalmers (instead of Giddens...I know many of you like DJordans of the Clippers).   VWafer isn't bad.   That is 15 players.   Meaning, I could still stand Perkins (Their woulda been a 7' person out their until Shaq came back...Murphy doesn't play either.   Nor contribute).   Again, Rasual Butler became availabe (you see that deep 3 he hit for the Bulls against the C's?).   My eye is always on Kyle Lowry.  If I had Erden I'da kept him
  This type of bench woulda given any other bench in the league a hard way to go.   Complemented the starters.   Power, attitude and scoring.   DA/Papille: they are more GMs of 18 in a row of losing than of a championship duo.   Luck, not talent is the reason the C's got 17.   The window is closed after this year.   And w/ our 86pts/gm, I don't know how open the window is.