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No one asked.....but......

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    No one asked.....but......

    I think managing minutes is going to be crucial in the playoffs.  So, here is the way I would handle the rotations, starting with the C position.
    1.  Unless we are ahead, BBD would not play center anymore, not even at the end of games.  If we are ahead, fine.  He is too small.
    2.  Start Shaq - he has never come off the bench in his life.  8 mins first Q.  Come in with Krstic for 4.
    3. Second Q - start JON - let him play about 8 mins also - finish the half with Krstic.  3 centers have now each played 8 mins.
    4.  Second half - start Shaq and come in with JON at 8 mins.  Keep JON in through start of 4th quarter, till about 8 mins, then play Krstic for 2.  Finish with the big guy, even though they may foul him (you can sub him with JON or Baby)

    10 mins for Krstic, 22 for Shaq and 16 for JON - sound about right to you guys.

    5.  Green needs to play about 25 - 30 mins at various positions.  He is too good and too fast to not play.  West and PP can sub for Ray (32 mins tops) at the 2. Maybe 6 for PP and 10 for DWest.

    6.  Rondo at 38 leaves 10 for West - giving him 20 total.  Now 3 positions are set.

    7.  PP - 33 total, 6 at SG and 27 at SF.  That leaves 21 for Green.

    8. So Green needs to make up his 4 mins at PF.  Think between KG, BBD and Green we can get a solid 48 mins?  I do.  KG 32, Green 4, Davis  12 (or so).

    Tough, but I think that's reasonable.  Of course, it depends more on matchups and foul trouble, and who's playing well.  Also, I think Doc does a good job with 4 of the 5 spots.  (we haven't had all our bigs healthy yet).  Just more of Green, less of BBD and use the 3 headed monster strategy at center.

    I welcome your thoughts, and appreciate them.  Critiques also welcome - tastefully done, of course!
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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    I know a lot of Celtics fans will disagree with me, but I really hoped that they would have signed Rasheed to fill one of their open roster spots.  Not sure how long it would have taken him to get back into basketball shape though.  If he played enough games before the playoffs began, he may have been able to help during the playoffs if one of the centers or power forwards was in foul trouble or if anyone is injured. 
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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    I like it. A little bit less time for BBD will mean that he will play that much more energy when he is on the floor. He is a big dude so he will be tired at the end of games if you give him too many minutes. 
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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    for sure davis suffers when he has to play 30+ minutes.  I think he's ideal at 24min.
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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    I sure hope Shaq AND JON can both stay healthy...that is such a key for us. If Shaq remains fragile, we might have to save him for game 7 against you-know-who.

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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    1) Agree.

    2) thru 4) Disagree for at least Round 1. Shaq's not ready to work with the starters. But he would be a royal pain in the neck feasting on back up bigs. JO is the starter until Shaq can prove that he can stay on the court and get his game legs back. If that happens, Doc will revisit it. As for Krstic, he's going to be another match up issue for opposing bench bigs.

    5) Agree. In fact, Doc should cut Pierce's minutes to 30 or less from now until the end of the regular season. Green is fresh and he needs to play.

    6) Almost agree. Rondo's value with a healthy Shaq and Krstic on the second units is reduced. Delonte should get 18 minutes because his shooting discourages teams from doubling down on the bigs and creates space. A rested Rondo is deadly in the fourth where his speed versus gassed opponents would be deadly.

    7) Agree. Pierce shouldn't get more than that unless he is blowing up.

    8) Baby can't guard guys like Stoudemire, Noah, Duncan, Odom, or Bosh. They'll need JO and Green for that job. My take is that Baby is playing way too many minutes, mostly out of necessity. He'd be much more effective with 20 or less per game, especially given that he is injured and cannot jump that well.
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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    I didnt ask, but its a nice topic and I agree pretty much everything, except for I dont know if Doc will start 2 diff. guys at the start and 2nd half, but I understand what you were trying to do.  I guess Shaq will dictate how the rotation goes and I dont see Shaq being needed or used that much in the 1st series and his health will go a long way in saying who plays how many minutes...

    I agree that in the playoffs, Baby shouldnt play too much C.  We need big bodies that can intimidate, and when was the last time Baby gave a hard foul?  he tries too hard to avoid fouls instead of just hitting the guy and making him earn 2.  We give up too many and ones cuz noone gives hards fouls and I hope that changes...but I think whoever is getting it done will get the minutes and for us, we have options...thats all you can ask for. 
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    Re: No one asked.....but......

    is essential to win the first playoff series in 4 games. reach the seventh game in the first round would be catastrophic.