Now that Danny has set the team's course. The only question to ask is, can this team get better?

I'm a Cs fan in the "blow it up and rebuild now" camp. That window of opportunity has shut. The Cs had a great chance to get the 6th and 11th picks from Portland (they drafted Lillard at #6, a move they will regret). That said, now that they brought back KG, my thinking is if the Cs can't get better, then Danny is just wasting time.

Can the Cs get better sans Allen? I think so. Here's why...

Terry is better than Ray. Terry can play PG which is huge. No longer will Rondo be required to play 40+ minutes. Terry can create his own offense, Ray can't. Terry is better on D and is good (not as good as Ray, but who is?) at making 3s. Stack it up and Terry /> Allen. Moreover, the Cs played better with Rondo and Bradley paired in the backcourt.

Sullinger and Melo were late round steals. Sullinger has the makings of another Leon Powe - a good paint scorer who will crash the boards. Back conerns aside, Sullinger doesn't have Powe's knees.

Melo put up poor rebounding numbers this season. The game logs reveal that he had improved in this area late in the season.

JuJuan Johnson will be in his second year and showed flashes of ability.

If Sullinger can contribute (iffy since Doc took a course from Claude Guillen on handling rookies), there will be plenty of depth.

The one thing missing is replacing Ray with a spot 3-point shooter who can defend, coming off the bench. That player is Courtney Lee. If the Cs get him (would likely be a sign and trade), I'll start feeling better about this team's chances. Until then, Danny is just wasting valuable time.