Let's try not to simply name drop who we would like the C's to go after. Let's assess their market value  to see if the numbers work and if possible does it make sense using the varying agenda of the Boston coaching staff, DA's crew, and owners to make these moves. Teams like the Lakers, Heat, Orlando  are already over the the $74 mil luxury tax for 2012-13. C's current roster is around $32 mil. Sean Williams, PP, Hondo, AB, JJJ, and Moore under contract. Who can we realistically go after?

 For example Camby ($3 mil) + KG ($11 mil) + Green ($8 mil) + Ray ($5) + Pietrus ($2) +Terry ($6 mil) + a Wilcox type ($3) + Sully ($1.11 mil) + Melo ($1.08 mil)= $41 Mil. (FA n Draft) $41 mil + (Current Roster) $32 mil = $73 mil  for 15 players 

 Thoughts?? Does this make sense according to the cba?