NY media not feelin Melo

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    NY media not feelin Melo

    Mike Lupicas headline from the NY Daily News:

    "Amar'e Stoudemire plays big against Boston, but Knicks turn to Carmelo Anthony in end and he shrinks"

    From the NY Post:

    Anthony’s nightmare

    Carmelo Anthony’s first playoff game in a Knicks jersey was one to forget. Here are the lowlights:

    * Made just 1-of-11 shots in the second half, scoring just three points as he finished 5-of-18 for 15 points

    * Whistled for an offensive foul with 21 seconds to go, leaving the Knicks up only one

    * Missed potential game-winning 3-pointer with less than two seconds remaining

    * Called for his second personal foul just 1:28 into the game, forcing him to the bench for the rest of the first quarter

    * Fouled Paul Pierce on a 3-point shot with 5:54 left. Pierce made all three foul shots for a one-point Celtics lead

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    Re: NY media not feelin Melo

    Goes both ways though..

    We had alot of off performances from our team... particularly the bench.

    Also, although you make a good point we only win by a bucket with  Melo playing poorly...  the  Kncks got unusually good contributions from Walker, Douglas & their bench in general.

    In the end, we won... next game alot of the game 1 circumstances prob change...

    Maybe Melo goes off but Amare is subpar... or KG & BBD start drilling their midrange jumpers...

    Only thing that really counts is the W... and we got that...so far
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    Re: NY media not feelin Melo

    Without Chauncy the Knicks should really struggle in the half court. Love to see some full court ball pressure.
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    Re: NY media not feelin Melo

    I hadnt seen that but reading your post made me search.. Melo did the Ali shuffle, backpeddling across the court in retreat hahahahaha

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    Re: NY media not feelin Melo

    In Response to Re: NY media not feelin Melo:
    Yup, gotta feel awful as a fan... OF THE CELTICS 7 days rest for the all-stars, an epic game from JON, and melo wilting and terrible AND YOU ONLY WIN BY A BUCKET AT HOME As the league tells the refs to extend this series as long as possible Melo will get less foulds called on him and as the series shifts to NY he will be more comfortable and score more buckets Celts really need to end this in 5 like they did to the heat a year ago, rest up for that 2nd round dogfight. They'll need to play WAY better if that is to happen.
    Posted by rameakap
    Celtics will grind it out,I hope u didnt predict a blowup game cuz hello this is PLAYOFF games.Im sure melo wont do same nxt game and the other next game but Im also pretty damn sure Paul Pierce wont have a game like this one.What encouraging about this win is,Paul their leading scorer had just a bad night and still factor the game,couple of guys had an awful game and still came out with a game 1 victory.On the other side,Knicks had pretty good game expect for melo cuz he got punched in the grill.awesome D by Pierce on second half.and still find a way to lose a game i mean wow.So next game PP will score more than 20 and win by 9.