Obama calls out Rondo

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    Obama calls out Rondo

    You know things are quiet around here when a story comes out via Shaq that when the Celtics met Obama in March that he yelled out to Ray Allen "You better take Rondo out and teach him to shoot." This according to Garnett who stated, Rondo was so humiliated it caused him to go into a shooting funk the next day leading the way to his incredibly poor shooting from March to the season's end.  This was the cause according to Shaq and not the trade of Perkins that led to his dispirited play.

    Pud and Dudder will not be surprised and more likely heartened, but Rondo needs to be shooting every free minute he has.  Obama seems surprisingly bold and maybe needs to be more empathetic considering the dire state of the economy that is stalling.
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    Re: Obama calls out Rondo

    Maybe Rondo needs people having confidence in him and telling him he can shoot.  Sometimes the attitude you have toward something makes that come true.  Rondo worries about shooting and free throws and it is all in his head.  He needs to learn to not think about it and just shoot the ball.  You think Ray Allen cares if he chucks up an air ball.  He just moves right onto the next shot.  Rondo, it's stuck in his head for the next Month cause he's got a complex.