Odd Men Out

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    Odd Men Out

    “Until there’s separation there can’t be a set lineup,” said Ainge, the Celtics’ president of Basketball Operations. “So I think most likely that it won’t happen on the first crack, but the second or third crack we’ll figure it out.”

    Stevens will likely play at least 10 players early on, but admits he would ideally like to have a nine-man rotation.”

    And the crazy part is, I can get down to (nine players) but it’s really healthy if they get down to it and they separate themselves in that regard and nine guys stand out above all others,” Stevens said. “It’s happened some, but it hasn’t happened consistently.”


    So who will be the odd men out? Well lets say Bradley, Green, Wallace, Sullinger are safe bets to be in the rotation. Bass, Lee, Crawford, Favarani and Olynyk are likely.

    That leaves: Brooks, Bogans, Humphries and Pressey as the odd men out. I expect Lee or Crawford to slip when Rondo returns.

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    Re: Odd Men Out

    a trade is going to have to free up some of the logjam at some point.

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    Re: Odd Men Out

    Pressey is our best point guard.

    No extensions for Bradley, Crawford, and Brooks tells you who the odd men out are.

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    Re: Odd Men Out

    my bets are early:











    Fav as #10.

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