Why would it be a bad idea to burn a roster spot on Oden this year.  I know he says he will spend 2012-13 rehabbing, but why not offer him the veteran minimum to come in and rehab?  He'll be being paid and have access to the Celtics medical staff and training facilities as well as be around a team, which is important for these guys....and then when he's fit to start playing the Celtics may have a leg up in signing him.  What would the Celtics lose by doing this?  E'Twaun Moore?  I'm sorry, but you can replace E'Twaun in any draft at any time.  I also don't believe Oden will ever be a franchise, all star player, but he could still be a very productive role player.  7 footers who can play do not grow on trees.  6'-4 shooting guards do grow on trees.  Why not take this gamble?