Would it have been better in the long run for the Celtics to have traded Pierce to a team that would have bought him out next season for the 5 million guaranteed, which could then allow the Celtics to resign him at a discounted contract? I wonder if Danny was thinking the same thing when there were reports he was shopping Pierce yesterday for draft picks.  If the C's buy him out for the five million after this season, then I am assuming he would be prevented from rejoining the club until his original contract is up in 2014. That seems like a tough decision of letting Pierce walk. If this happens than KG probably walks, leaving the Celtics empty handed. If this senerio hold true than it would have been nice to have had Bledsoe and Jordan to help build for the future.  If it is decided that pierce is bought out, then can the Celtics use the 15 million in freed up money to go after Josh Smith? If Pierce is gone and KG walks, would the C's have enough Cap Space to sign both Josh and Dwight?