Official Game Thread: Celtics @ Bucks 11/10/12

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    Re: Official Game Thread: Celtics @ Bucks 11/10/12

    In response to BloggetyBloop's comment:

    Pretty sure the Celtics will go down to defeat again tonight considering it seems as if they can only beat the lowly Wizards this season.

    Well I guess you were wrong huh?   BTW who have the Fakers beat?  Pistons 0-7, at home by the way, and the high powered Warriors.   ROFLMAO      Even the Warrior announcers were talking about how bad the Lakers looked. They said the only reason they were losing was because the Warriors were shooting bad, which they said had nothing to do with the Laker defense. 

    Please keep coming back,  all Celtic fans love to teach you.  You are not the brightest bulb on the tree but you seem to have the desire to learn, as evidenced by you frequenting our board so often.

    Have a very blessed day.