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    If Rondo does not do OKAY tonight. i loose hope on him.

    if he dosent get at least 5 assists and 8 points. that will be sad
    if he stays in this slump through playoffs, he will get traded.

    How will he do tonight vs Pacers.
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    I'm just glad that people with vibrating brain cells run the team instead of fair-weather, myopic quasi fan provacatuers ala BDC.

    The last time the Celtics had a guy like Rondo was Tiny, Jo-Jo, Couz or DJ.  So DJ retired in 1990.  So, it's been 21 years since we have had a legitimate point guard.  We went trough John Bagley, Sherman Douglas, Gary Payton, Kenney Anderson, Sebastian Telfair!!, don't let me leave anybody out.  (oh yeah we traded Billups who could have made a difference, but in retrospect I would pick Rondo over Billups in any draft.) So now we have a two-time all star, playoff triple double machine and top offensive facilitator on the best offensive percentage team int he league...and oh yeah, he also happens to be top percentage shooting point guard in the NBA for the second straight year.  but I guess all of that is a mistake.
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    All players hit spots where they don't play well. Cut Rondo some slack. He has had a very good year so far. Have some patience. He has earned it.
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    Is it mental or physical? Both can be fixed with time...
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    Re: OFFICIAL RONDO THREAD" class="imageLink">Rajon Rondo
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    I posted this yesterday, but few were paying any attention:

    Kenny Anderson
    Chucky Atkins
    John Bagley
    Marcus Banks
    Dana Barros
    Chauncy Billips
    J.R. Bremer
    Dee Brown
    Sam Cassell
    Calbert Cheaney
    Bimbo Coles
    Chris Corchiani
    Ricky Davis
    Tony Delk
    Dan Dickau
    Sherman Douglas
    Tyus Edney
    Joseph Forte
    Marlon Garnett
    Rickey Green
    Michael Hawkins
    Chris Herren
    Mike James
    Greg Minor
    Doug Overton
    Milt Palacio
    Gary Payton
    Kevin Pritchard
    Gabe Pruitt
    Brian Shaw
    Erick Strickland
    Sebastian Telfair
    Wayne Turner
    David Wesley
    Delonte West
    Shammond Williams

    These are all (or most of) the people the Celtics have tried at point guard since DJ retired.  The most tiresome line I heard for the better part of 15 years was: "The Celtics need a point guard."

    Given that Wesley and Billips were run out of town by an impetuous Rick Pitino, and that Gary Payton was already old and gray when he was here, which of the above would you prefer to have running the team over Rondo?  

    I had thought that after he seemed to prove himself the last few years, I'd never have to hear "We need a point guard" again for another ten years.  But I underestimated the refusal of hard-core forum fans ever to be satisfied (yeah, was I stupid.)

    We aren't going to get Derrick Rose or Chris Paul, even if we were to want them.  So can't we enjoy the unique skills of what we have (and admit that he's going to have off stretches -- like Paul and Ray and KG and every other NBA player)?   On the all-time Celtics PG list, I'd rank him no lower than five (after Cousy, KC, DJ, and (Archibald?  Chaney? Take your pick.).

    Let's take a deep breath and chill a little.  It is only a game.

    cheers --
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    Any player having a slump is normal... they all go through it

    So as frustrated as I am with Rondo, Im hoping he bounces out of it asap..

    My main issue with him is effort... its not there.  Poor shooting, getting beat off the dribble here & there, thats one thing... not hustling, picking up switches etc... thats another.  Thats why I have a bigger problem with Rondos slump than most others
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    The thing is you have Rondo or Arroyo. I like Arroyo but he is not the guy who is going lead you to a championship. Rondo has the ability to do it. So let's hope he gets back to doing those things that can get the team there.