WHAT U WONT DO.. DO FOR LOVE.. U've tried everything but u wont give up.. in my world, its only LoveEEEE.. u dig? so assuming all things are equal, which offer do u take? klay is already a legit #2 with ace potential and definitely a perennial all-star with a multifaceted game esp without a Curry hogging da ball. wiggy is just an athletic beast.. no doubt in 3 years, his ceiling is higher than thompson and could b the next Bron! if minny, u wanna win now or be an 8th seed for buzz? or u wanna lose with dignity as wiggy comes fully of age. u pick klay and ur in the 8th seed running. u take wiggs and ur barely out of the lottery. with klay, u keep rubio and give him max or risk losing him (cap issues).. get wiggy, really no need for rubio. trade him, get more pieces and #1s like celts (with mo upside).

da commy is going with wiggs esp since it gets him out of the west. like that love wont do an extension for either team (just picking up his option early), called leverage. forces bron a bit to stay and not leave cavs hanging in 2 years or even after this one. done right, minny could finally be a beast in the west within 3 seasons. u feel moi?

"Bringing Boston-Strong vodka to team-hating jabronis and da Comrade-Soft Kool-aid Party!"

..and that's da Bawston SPORTS bottom line for the Commy says so! COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY CONTRARIAN, HE COMES AND GOES, HE COMES AND GOES...

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