Old Dan & His Old Tricks

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    Old Dan & His Old Tricks


    Shaughnessy Back to Old Tricks:  Mines Old Angle!

    The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy, aka the CHB (Curly Haired Boyfriend), so dubbed by one Pedro Martinez, former Sox ace, is back to his old tricks and mining an ancient angle that he has mined to near extinction in the past.  The Celtics are old . . . too old! Ol’ Dan is trying to draw water from an old well gone dry.  Like I’m into mixed metaphors.

    Get this:  in his article in today’s Globe the CHB predicts that the Celtics will lose to a younger more athletic team . . . someday:  if not in the Miami series, to the Bulls or the Thunder.  Or maybe he should have added, if not this year, next year or the year after that.

    I almost want to say “Duh!” this guy Shaughnessy has a real flair for the obvious.  But I won’t say that.

    This vein in this old mine should have played out years ago for any self respecting journalist:  how many times can you go to the same well before it goes dry.  That’s a rhetorical question involving mixed metaphors and a semi-respected, old, very old journalist.  Never mind.

    But wait just a durn minute, Danny Boy, is you trying to pull one a’ dem Reversible Psychological mind-over-matter tricks?  Tryin’ to git da Celtics to perform like young boyz agin?  Jus mebe it’ll werk.  Hats off to youse ifin it does.

    But it really doesn’t matter -- Ol’ Dan Shaughnessy, Pride of the Globe’s cadre of Knights of the Keyboard, has struck again, this time from a computer in his lair deep in his mother’s basement.  LoL!

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    Re: Old Dan & His Old Tricks

    Great post.  Shaugnessy is always negative and usually never has anything positive to say.  I wonder what he thinks of the Bruins chances? 
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    Re: Old Dan & His Old Tricks

    In Response to Re: Old Dan & His Old Tricks:
    Sounds like a Fierce prediction ... HAHAHA!!!
    Posted by Mployee8

    Fierce predicted the Celtics would level the series at 1-1. Mployee8 predicted Anthony Tolliver would have better stats than Glen Davis this season. Ouch!