Th Dallas Mav's are NBA champions !!!!   Old School hoop team basketball beat one on one star ball.  High scoring West coast ball beat East coast slow ball. Good beat Evil. Great offense beat great defense.

Dallas proved German international sensation Dirk is the best basketball player in the NBA.
I hope Dirk winning the MVP award will finally shut up all the clowns who keep posting that international players are soft and can't play in the NBA.

I hope Danny "I hate international players" Ainge took notice that the Mavs won because of international players-Dirk- Barea- Peja- Mahinmi.

I hope other NBA teams will copy the Mavs style and employ solid roll players who play old school hoop,like Cardinal .

If Doc Rivers played Murphy, Sasha, Wafer,Kristic and Aroyo and played a fast tempo style game,Boston could have won the NBA title this year.

Congratulations Mark Cuban and thank you for saving the NBA from Thug ball and star ball. Long live Old School Hoop and Jason kidd, Shawn Marion and Dirk Notwitzy.

Run don't walk.