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Old timey Celts

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    Old timey Celts

    I hear people compare this team to the old Rockets' championship team but the way they're advancing the ball without Rondo, the C's kind of remind me of the mid to late 60's Celtics teams.

    After Cousy retired, the C's just pushed and spread the ball a lot more with defensive minded K.C. Jones acting like Avery Bradley and the offense going through Havlicek like it does Pierce now.

    As I said earlier, with all the depth and younger legs this team had coming out of camp, I wish Doc ran more at the begining of the season. Unfortunately Doc gets into bad habits and only shows his coaching prwess when his back is against the wall.

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    Re: Old timey Celts

    Ball and players need to move looking for the good shots or penetrations and kick outs for open threes.   Simpely said team ball trusting each other on defnese and offense.  Old Coach

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    Re: Old timey Celts

    In response to rameakap's comment:

    This team does have some similarities with an olf KG anchoring the middle and acting as 'coach' like Russ... Hondo was the same age then as Green but played the role Pierce is currently playing. Meanwhile Sam Jones was around the age of Pierce.

    Guess that makes Bass Don Nelson

    Haha! That historic shot Nelson sunk against the Lakers does look like a Bass-type shot.

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    Re: Old timey Celts

    I can still see Don Nelson's shot go straight up and come down through the basket....and I saw that happen on live television back in of my all time greatest memories....and their have been so many watching the Green....the greatest NBA franchise in the history of the game..!

    Holding a 17-4 (.809) Finals record along with a 9-3 (.750) record vs the Lakers is just unbelievable....and I've been around to see most of them..!

    Celtic Pride!  ....Priceless!